Splinters Productions – the Story So Far…

The Story starts with Inspiration from Mid-19th Century Russia

A young medical student named Anton Chekhov writes numerous comic stories and sends them to a humorous little magazine called "Oskolki" - a title which translates into English as 'Fragments' or 'Splinters'.
Fast Forward to 1996 and John Shedden devised a show for ‘Prime Productions’ around these Chekhovian tales and called this show “Splinters”, which was performed with colleague Finlay McLean. 
Due to roaring success and appreciation, this spurred on more creativity and ideas, which eventually led to the formation of a theatre company. 
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1997 and All That Came with It...

John and Finlay affectionately named the company after that very production and thus ‘Splinters Productions’ was born.

Since its inception, Splinters Productions has endeavoured to tour quality drama to small and middle-scale venues around Scotland.
A number of fantastic and engaging productions have already made their tour around the Scottish domains
 – from the Garrison Theatre in Shetland to The Swallow Theatre in The Isle of Whithorn.

“Postman’s Knock”  (Directed by Rose McBain)

A collection of the world’s funniest letters in performance – “Remarkably eloquent, witty entertainment” (The Edinburgh Evening News) 
A double bill of solo plays

“Lady Bracknell’s Confinement” and“Wendlebury Day”– “Shedden gives a riveting, marvellously studied and inspired performance as Lady Bracknell” (The Scotsman). “Finlay McLean’s performance in Wendlebury Day is convincing and accomplished” (The Stage).
“Opium Eater” by Andrew Dallmeyer

The Herald said: “John Shedden and Finlay McLean give bravura performances in this brilliant BAFTA winning two-hander”.
Then in 2002, a wonderful collaboration took place - John and Finlay were joined by Anna Hepburn and Donald Smith (Director of The Scottish Storytelling Centre) to form a new extended theatre company and so followed three more powerful productions.

A celebration of the work of Iain Crichton Smith entitled “Scot of the Anarchic”.
Brian Friel’s “Faith Healer”

“A well-crafted script backed up by powerful acting – it is a wonderful advertisement for the English Language and a tribute to good old fashioned acting values” (Perth Evening Telegraph)
George Mackay Brown’s “For the Islands I Sing”

“The playing ensemble of the company's actors set a rare standard – the magic of the storytelling enthralls all”. 

And So It Continues…

Splinter Productions was progressing through the noughties, bringing creativity and wonder through enchanting and captivating performances and - in 2007 - an exciting new production called “Home to Neverland” was put on.

Then a real jewel of a performance and story exploring the complex life of the creator of Peter Pan premiered at The Scottish Storytelling Centre during The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This production was called “A Window on JM Barrie” and went on to tour throughout 2008, 2009 and 2010, with rave reviews - “Never has the genius of Barrie’s insight into human nature been more clearly brought to life than by the hugely talented Splinters Productions team – a simply stunning production!” (The Courier). 
“The Matchmaker” by JB Keane

In 2011, a new presentation “The Matchmaker” by JB Keane (adapted by Literary Director Donald Smith) premiered at The Scottish Storytelling Centre and this production remained part of Splinters' repertoire for a further three years – “The most moving, the most hilarious and the most engaging piece of theatre I have seen in a long time!” (Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE). 
So now, Splinters Productions is able to announce that a new production, a double bill of Victorian entertainments, “Nancy Sleekit” and “Howard’s Revenge” by Donald Campbell, will be available for bookings for performances in 2018. 
The show features Anna Hepburn and Finlay McLean and is directed by Camille Marmie. 
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